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Striving to add an ESD dog to our Team

A fairly new concept to the anti-trafficking industry, ESD stands for Electronic Storage Device, such as thumb drive, external hard drive, and the like. An organization trains a dog to sniff out chemical compounds in the drive, and it assists greatly in pedophile cases, where a law enforcement agency is attempting to collect as much data as they can, to include CSAM and pedophilic media. These dogs have helped in the successful apprehension of numerous devices such as phones, laptops and external hard drives, which have led to successful convictions in pedophile and trafficking trials.

With your help, we can acquire an ESD dog to assist us in the fight against an abundant evil that's reported in every state, no matter the neighborhood. Rich, poor, or middle class, trafficking and pedophilia don't discriminate.

Please consider donating to help us in this endeavor. Join the fight.

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