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Until Zero comprises of three teams. Our operations take time and effort, so with separate teams we can provide pinpoint focus for each operation, from surveillance all the way through to rehabilitation and reintegration.

* Our Rescue team is not yet operational. We are in the process of recruiting members and organizing team structure.* 


The internet, city streets, truck stops, businesses. Wherever there is potential for prostitution and forced labor, there is a place where people have the possibility to be rescued. Our investigations team gathers intelligence high and low for tips, runaways, escort servicing, and pedophiles, among additional activity.


See our resources section for downloads on observing signs of trafficking and exploitation in the community to help combat this growing problem.



Our strike teams work in tandem with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to conduct stings, rescue survivors, and bring the traffickers to justice. We provide security and protection for the survivors as well, and we emphasize keeping in mind that each survivor's situation and mental health is unique, and to apply compassion to each girl or boy, man or woman rescued. Rescue has training in security, tactics, and private investigations.

Your donation helps with our operations.



The team that is just as important, if not more so than the others, is Recovery. The Recovery team deals with a wide range of issues including setting up the survivors in temporary lodging, getting them therapeutic and medical help, helping to get them off drugs (if drugs are a factor), reintegrating them back into society, and finding the survivors loving foster families or returning them to their families they ran away from or were taken from. We can even work to find the survivors employment, which is another step in giving them back a normal life.

Recovery includes escorting the survivors to the courthouse if they need to testify against their traffickers. We also work with anti-trafficking attorneys to provide legal service to the survivors. Every step Recovery takes is crucial in the healing process. The age of a trafficked or exploited survivor can vary greatly, that's why it's a delicate situation working with every survivor and ensuring they don't return to the life of prostitution or indentured servitude. We partner with aftercare organizations to pair the survivors with the appropriate service, keeping in mind their individual situation, whether it be mental health, drug detoxification, medical care, clothing, food, shelter, and more.

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everyone deserves a free and fulfilling life


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