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join us in the fight!

Most of our operations and training are funded by you. Donate a one-time gift or join our alliance with a monthly membership. There are three tiers of membership, each with its own benefits.

  One time donation

Alliance Tiers







Becoming an Ally is a commitment of $35/month

Start spreading the word of our mission and educating others about the industry. With your commitment, you will receive:

  • T-shirt

  • Rubber wristband

  • Stickers (x3)


Being an Ambassador is $100/month

As an ambassador, you are willing to reach out to your community by holding fundraising campaigns and contact local organizations to spread awareness of trafficking and exploitation.

With your monthly donation, you receive:

  • Sticker pack (x6)

  • Ambassador T-shirt

  • Ambassador Ball cap

  • Postcards (x4)

  • Trafficking statistics and information pamphlets (x10)


The Upstander membership is $450/month. As an Upstander, you take a more active role with helping Until Zero and helping to make a difference in the lives of survivors. You will receive all that is necessary to start your own fundraising campaigns, along with a few personalized items. With your generous contribution as an Upstander, you receive:

  • Until Zero T-shirt

  • Upstander T-shirt

  • Upstander hoodie

  • Upstander bracelet

  • Until Zero rubber wristband (x6)

  • Sticker pack (x10)

  • Upstander hook & loop patch

  • Trafficking statistics and information pamphlets (x30)

  • Postcards (x10)

  • Exclusive Upstander computer wallpaper

  • Exclusive Until Zero wall poster

  • Personalized certificate of appreciation

  • Thank you letter from the UZ president

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