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Alcohol Rehab Guide
Ambassadors United

Anti-Trafficking Alliance (ATA.HTX)

Children's Rescue Initiative

Child Rescue Coalition

Columbus Recovery Center (Ohio)

Deliver Fund

Department of Defense CTIP (Combating Trafficking In Persons)

Department of Defense Inspector General (IG)


Hotline Phone Numbers:

800-424-9098 (Toll-Free)

703-604-8799 (Commercial)

664-8799 (DSN)

Hotline Fax: 703-604-8567

DoD Southwest Asia Hotline

877-363-3348 (Toll-Free)

664-1151 (DSN)

Destiny Reach

Family Online Safety Institute

Fight to End Exploitation


Guardian Group


Lanier Law Firm

Look For Me



National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

National Human Trafficking Hotline


Not For Sale

Operation Underground Railroad (OUR)

Paso del Norte Center of Hope


Polaris Project

The Recovery Village

Rehab Spot

Saved In America (SIA)

Shared Hope International

Stop The Traffik (UK)



A list of hotlines and nonprofit organizations to raise awareness and to support trafficked and exploited survivors

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