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7 Indicted in Human Trafficking Ring in Denver and Aurora, Colorado

On August 20, authorities announced the indictments of seven people in a human trafficking ring involving illegal massage parlors in Denver and Aurora.
The suspects are accused of trafficking women from China to engage in sexual acts with customers at the parlors, Denver District Attorney Beth McCann said at a news conference.
Three men and four women were indicted: Chen Liang Kuo, 45; Yi Ting Mo, 42; Manqui Xu, 57; Le Zhang, 46; Ying Guo, 49; Xiong Xie, 54; and Xuelin Chen, 33. Xie and Guo are still wanted by authorities, and the others are in custody.
All seven were indicted on several counts in violation of Colorado's Organized Crime Control Act, accused of making millions of dollars through racketeering, pimping and prostitution, money laundering and tax evasion. The suspect used some of the profits from the massage parlors to fund illegal marijuana grow houses, officials said.
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